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Hahnel Dodatna oprema SoftBOX 80 + Light Stand Kit

Prijenosni i svestrani softbox, kompatibilan sa svim hot-shoe montiranima bljeskalicama i Bowens Mount priborom.

Phottix Dodatna oprema 7" Honeycomb Grid Set (30, 40, 50, 60 degrees)

What''s Included 4, 7" Honeycomb Grids, 30, 40, 50, 60 degree versions Carrying Bag Control your lights better with the Phottix Pro 7" Honeycomb Grid Set. Compatible with the Phottix Indra500 TTL Studio Light and other studio lights with a standar ...

Phottix Dodatna oprema Easy-Folder Softbox Deluxe Kit with Round Mask and Grid 60x60cm (24"x24") / For Photo Studio Strobe Flash / Camera Flash

Perfect to use with hot shoe flashes or studio lights Phottix Easy-Folder Softbox Deluxe Kit (60x60cm) creates a soft even light which reduces any photo-spoiling hot spots. It was designed to convert harsh light into soft, diffused light. The Phottix ...

Phottix Dodatna oprema Indra 5000mAh Li-ion Cell

Replacement Phottix Indra 5000 mAh Li-ion Cells for the Phottix Indra Battery Pack. Keep extra charged cells on hand and never worry about not having power. Replacement Phottix Indra 5000 mAh Li-ion Cells for the Phottix Indra Battery Pack.

Phottix Dodatna oprema FTx2 Flash Bar

Phottix FT-series flash bars allow photographers to mount two or more flashes. The FT-series'''' vertical umbrella holder helps keep flash heads centered in the umbrella for more even light distribution. The FTx2 features a 28 cm bar with three cold ...

Phottix Dodatna oprema Indra 360 TTL Studio Light and Battery Pack Kit ( EU & UK )

A new level of power for photographers who work on location or in a studio. The Indra360 TTL Studio Light offers 360 watt-seconds of power and many of the same popular features as the award-winning Phottix Indra500 TTL - including High Speed Sync. T ...

Phottix Dodatna oprema Indra 500 Battery Pack 5000mAh Li-ion ( EU / UK )

Its dual power ports can power two Indra500 TTL Studio Lights simultaneously, perfect for on-location work. The Battery Pack’s LED display provides instant visual feedback on power remaining in the 5000 mAh cells. The Li-ion cells can be easily chang ...

Phottix Dodatna oprema Indra Battery Pack Flash Cable for Nikon

Power a Nikon Speedlight from an Indra battery pack or AC adapter with this Coiled Cable from Phottix. The coiled design allows it to easily stretch from 2.5-6.0'' during use.

Phottix Dodatna oprema Indra Straight Studio Light Power Cable (5m)

This 11.5'' Indra Straight Studio Light Power Cable from Phottix connects the Indra500 TTL strobe to either the Indra Battery Pack or the Indra AC Adapter. It is a replacement item for cable originally included with the Indra500 TTL Studio Light.

Phottix Dodatna oprema Light Stand (H/62cm/24")

Features The 62cm Phottix Light Stand is perfect for background or kicker lights Two pieces, easy to assemble Very portable Great for on-location Extended Height: 62 cm Collapsed Height: 41 cm Thread: 1/4" & 5/8" Thread Stand Weight: 0.9 k ...

Phottix Dodatna oprema Multi Boom (41cm/16")

Features: Mounts one or more flashes so that they are centered to the umbrella Allows a full 180 degree tilt Fast and easy set-up Anti slip foam handle for hand held use Eye bolt handle grip provides easy access to a handle and a point to attach bat ...

Phottix Dodatna oprema Multi Boom and Varos II BG combo (41cm/16")

Features: Varos II BG Umbrella Holder 1 or 2 Flashes Centered on Umbrella Allows a Full 180-Degree Tilt Anti-Slip Foam Handle for Handheld Use Eye Bolt for Battery or Counterweight
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