Phottix HS Speed Mount II (87221)


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The Phottix HS Speed Mount II – a Bowens-compatible locking ring and horizontal and vertical flash mounting.

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Product Description

Since its release the first generation Phottix HS Speed Mount has sold countless numbers.  It has been one of the “go to” products for shooters looking to use Phottix sofboxes and beauty dishes with hot shoe flashes.

Making a good product even better – Phottix is proud to announce the HS Speed Mount II. The v2 offers the same main functions – a locking Bowens-compatible adapter to mount softboxes and other accessories using compatible speed rings. What makes the HS Speed Mount II even better is the way flashes can be mounted.

The mounting system has been revised. Using an adapter and strap hot shoe flashes can be mounted horizontally from the flash body – taking stress off the hot shoe. The mount is adjustable for different sized flashes.

The HS Speed Mount II, features a reversible L Bracket, allowing flashes to be mounted vertically, using the included cold shoe mount, or directly to a trigger using the 1/4×20 mounting screw.

The HS Speed Mount II is designed to be used with the Phottix Varos BG Umbrella Swivel. It can be mounted to other umbrella adapters with a 5/8” lug.

What Phottix Accessories can you use with the HS Speed Mount II?

  • Luna Beauty Dishes and Softboxes
  • 2-in-1 Phottix Softboxes with Grids
  • Phottix Octa Softboxes
  • Phottix Traditional Softboxes
  • Phottix Globe Diffuser

The HS Speed Mount II easily breaks down and stores in its included carrying bag.