Phottix Easy-Folder Softbox Kit 80x80cm (32″x32″) / For Photo Studio Strobe Flash / Camera Flash (82535)


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The Phottix Easy-Folder Softbox Kit (80x80cm) is collapsible. This saves time over traditional softboxes which require rods and speed rings for assembly. It’s easy to transport and take on location.

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Product Description

Perfect to use with hot shoe flashes or studio lights Phottix Easy-Folder Softbox Kit (80x80cm) creates a soft even light which reduces any photo-spoiling hot spots. It was designed to convert harsh light into soft, diffused light. The Phottix Easy-Folder Softbox Kit (80x80cm) can be collapsed and stored in seconds.


  • Quick to assemble
  • Converts flash into soft diffused light
  • Comes with Bowens-compatible Speed Ring for use with studio light

What’s in the box?

  • 80x80cm Easy Folder Softbox
  • Hot Shoe Flash mount
  • Bowens Compatible Speed Ring
  • Two diffusers
  • Carrying Bag