Feiyu Tech AK4000 + AKF1 + AKR 1(Dual handle kit+ Follow focus) 3-axis gimbal for Mirrorless Camera/DSLR


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Super-strong payload capacity

  • Maximum Load: 4 kg
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connection
  • Gimbal battery level
  • Gombal mode
  • Camera connection
  • Fucus/Zoom
  • Axial
  • Smart touch panel

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Product Description

Original “Spiritual Window” touch panel
Low-power LCD touch panel for easy adjustment of follow focus/zoom/sensitivity/ISO/white-balance/exposure compensation/motor speed/scene setting and auto-rotation mode settings. Touch panel supports operation updates for everlasting operation function.

Smart touch panel
As the only stabilizer with touch a screen, the AK4000 adopts full Chinese menu interaction, which is convenient for post-interaction upgrade. Flexible touch, click options to switch or select function mode, slide screen on left and right to switch screen, easily adjust ISO, white-balance, etc. parameter settings.

Follow mode
The real-time display stabilizer is currently following the mode status, and it is easy to switch with one button to shoot a wonderful movies. * Click the power button in the heading and pitch following mode to enter the heading, pitch following mode and roll following (rolling following angle ? 60°). Click the power button in the lock mode and roll following(rolling following angle ? 60°).

Beveled angle design enables unobstructed shooting and framing
Simple design style, the popular beveled angle design doesn”t obstruct the screen during shooting, allowling easy framing.

Quick disassembly
Quick disassembly design for PTZ and handle is convenient for storage and carrying, and also can easily install PTZ to other parts and appliances.

Compatible with Manfrotto PL501 quick release plate
Compatible with Manfrotto PL501 quick release plate, quick release for one second fixing.

Four-directional gravity center adjustment
Four-directional center of gravity of the slider arm is adjustable.

Multi-functional “Magic Ring” brings unlimited creation possibilities
High-precision magnetic induction knob not only can control the focus and zoom but also can be used to control the high-precision rotation of the motor, giving you a cradle-like experience.

  • Control the zoom of the camera
  • Control the follow focus of the camera
  • Preciseliy control the pan- tilt three axes
  • Function mode control

High-precision software algorithms M4 kernel mcu, 0.02° high-precision magnetic encoding sensor, and w5 generation control algorithm with correction speed of 2000 times per second load adaptive algorithm.

WiFi + Bluetooth dual module connection
At the same time as the WiFi connection, Feiyu ON APP can connect to the camera to set up parameters via Bluetooth.Connecting WiFi with compatible devices can control the photographing, shooting, focus, zoom, sensitivity adjustment, white balance, exposure value, and switching mode function.

1/4 inch thread expansion port on the base for more professional expansion needs.
Professional wearable equipment for free expansion enables you to hands free during filming.

Multi-function USB expansion interface expands unlimited possibilities.
Charge the camera and other expansion devices via the USB interface, perfectly compatible with follow focus systems.

Easily control a wide range of cameras and lens combinations
The gimbal can easily match a variety of cameras and lenses to provide a more professional experience.

12 hours of long battery life
The high-energy polymer lithium battery with powerful battery life up to 12 hours for recording the beauty from day to night.